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"Dear Patty,

"I want to see you - when we come home from gymnastics I'm going to be so sad! But my mommy will be with me.
"When we come back to see you - we'll jump in the pit - I will be so happy! 
 "I love you Patty"
- Laura Anne Blixt (age 3)  

Patty Is A High Energy Teacher

"Patty is a high energy teacher who really keeps the little kids moving. There's no long waiting for other kids to perform; instead Patty keeps them all going all the time, so the class is always fun. My kids love their gymnastics classes. It's the most exciting 45 minutes of the week!"
- Julie Ruth   

We Come Because It's Fun 

"With each lesson Coach Patty enthusiastically leads the kids through a progression of tumbles & preparations, starting very simply then moving into more complex direction. 
"Every child feels like a huge success as Patty encourages and cheers them on. Her fun but firm approach provides just the right balance that preschoolers need in a learning environment and has earned Patty...4 10s from the Harlachers."
- Liz Harlacker  

They Learn Life Skills That Benefit Them

"They learn like skills that benefit them in every aspect of their lives, like listening, sharing turns, etc. The kids love the instructors and the classes move quickly enough that its lots of fun for even the youngest kids!"
- Patty Brown

"Well-being, Self-esteem, Growth, Talent

"and Confidence. The Preschool Program prepares children for the tumbles of life, and still be able to brush themselves off and stand up tall."
- Pascale & Danielle Landry  

When Everyone Else Gave Up On My Child

"When everyone else in the community gave up on my child, Patty and Vicki were there! And the proof of their dedication and commitment to him shows through in his eyes and smile every time he walks through your doors."
- Kathleen Barrego

The Best Teachers

"Patty & Vicki are the best gym teachers in the county. I have really seen a difference with my kids abilities."
- Stephanie Jaffe

"Patty Combines The Best Attributes

"of an instructor: competence, and true love for the children."
- Lisa Miller

It's The Highlight of Jessi's Week

"Our daughter receives personal instruction, and more importantly, feels that she is special. Jessica's instructor knows how to relate to her, not solely on the level of her cross motor development, but also socially, in the ares which are important to her. It's the highlight of Jessi's week.
- Debbie Foucar
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