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Preschool Classes

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Classes for children of preschool age and younger. Yes, younger! Gymnastics classes in the Star Academy are designed specifically to accommodate your child as they develop both mentally and physiologically. Coach Patty is a leader of Kinder Gymnastics classes, and is a founding member of the USAG Kinder Gymnastics accreditation (KAT). Her unique coaching style uses positive reinforcement methods. Children learn Gymnastics and have fun at the same time.


Playful Parent Class (Newborn to 2.5 years):

•It is never too early to get your child into gymnastics. Parents in this  class are guided through a free exploration program designed to carefully introduce movement in a variety of fun ways. The program aims to help develop the child's coordination and brain development through movement and stimulation. For infants before the age of walking. When the child is walking, they graduate to the Tall & Small class! 

                Tall & Small Class (Walking to 3):

•These classes are primarily for fun and child/ parent bonding. Music and movement exploration is a major part of the curriculum. Hand/eye coordination and ball handling skills are developed along with small motor development. Children will also work on some gymnastics skills on the spring floor, bars, beam, trampoline, and Tumbl-Trak.
•This class brings the parents onto the floor amidst the excitement in this child-directed program. Quality time for both is the key. Student/ teacher ratio preserved for personal attention. It makes for a special time for the family.

3 Star Class:

•Class that enrolls both boys and girls with a maximum of 6 students. This class is designed for the three-year old that has good listening skills. We keep a low ratio because the child will be on their own out in the gym working at stations and small circuits to further develop fine and gross motor skills, continued development of listening and attention skills, and the foundation for basic gymnastics skills.
•45 minute weekly class allows for the growing independence of this age group. The first step is now following instruction from the coach, instead of the caregiver.
•This class focuses on basic motor skills, early gymnastic skills, and rudimentary rhythmic movement.
•Developing appropriate hand/ eye coordinated activity as social skills.

4 Star Class:

•Continuation of development of strength, coordination, and motor skills.
•45 minute weekly class teaches how and why the body moves. Lesson plans and progressions are based on developmental milestones and include developing social skills, coordination, and movement fundamentals.

5 Star Class:

•Continued development of basics and conditioning their bodies to become stronger and more flexible. Important level to build strong basics with good form and technique to make future learning of more difficult skills easier.
•This 1 hour weekly is class the final stage in the Star Academy. This class focuses on gymnastics fundamentals, creative movement and progressive concepts. As each child grows, new challenges and general fitness concepts are introduced.
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